It was great to welcome everyone back to Windmill and was great to see some new combinations.

We were very lucky with the weather and had a nice sunny day; hosting dressage with tests ranging from Prelim to Advanced Medium

There was success for Team Windmill as Tyler and Elvis rode their first medium and Ryan and Puzzle came 1st and 2nd in there prelim sections.

Anna riding Cezare took the medium 69 and advanced medium 85. Commenting after her test she said “big pats for Chezare tonight. Super tense in medium 69 but more settled for our first ever Advanced Medium and won both with 66%”.

Penny riding Baby won both music classes (elementary and medium music classes). She said “I was delighted to win both Elementary and Medium Freestyles. It was our first attempt at a Medium Freestyle and I only put the music and floorplan together earlier in the week. I think the cheerful piano accordion band music suits her personality – though she was perhaps a little too bouncy at times!! As an ex- showjumper she finds bouncing very easy but I love riding her as she is so enthusiastic!”

Well done to Caroline Bunce who took both of the prelims with Ekko Zham.

We would like to thank our two judges (Louise Spate and Joyce Head). We hope everyone had a successful day and look forward to welcoming you on the 22nd March which is our next affiliated British Dressage competition.

Overall Winners of the Classes:

Prelim 17

Caroline Bunce and Ekko Zham 70.19%

Prelim 19

Caroline Bunce and Ekko Zham 70%

Novice 23

Jayne Turney and no panic 69.38%

Novice 39

Dawn Buckley and Dinozoff 70.19%

Freestyle Novice Music

Mary Mackay and Costa Dallas 66.94%

Elementary 40

Mandy Day and Giomf 68.06%

Elementary 59

Lauren Ruffle and Freeman H 67.50%

Freestyle Music Elementary

Penny Lock and Crazy L.a’s Baby 69.42%

Medium 69

Anna Slosmanis and Cezare 11 66.52%

Medium 76

Jade Porter-Harris and Fivestar MKM 64.39%

Freestyle Medium Music

Penny Lock and Crazy L.a’s Baby 65.17%

Advanced Medium 85

Anna Slosmanis and Cezare 11 66.03%


Anna and Cezare

Anna and Cezare

Penny and Baby Photo taken by Kevin Sparrow.

Penny and Baby
Photo taken by Kevin Sparrow.

Ryan and Puzzle

Ryan and Puzzle

Tyler and Elvis

Tyler and Elvis