The weather was not on our side today and the poor elementary competitors got soaked; we even had hail at one point!  Thankfully the sun appeared from the advanced classes upwards.

Rob Waine had a very successful competition “The results made up for the soaking in the two Elementary’s when Sanssouci won both tests. The sun finally came out for the big boys and Jen Nissen’s DHI Lightening claimed the Advanced Medium Qualifier, last but not least BamBam took home a red rosette for a good round in the Int1. Four wins out of four”

We would like to thank our judge Carolyn Gardiner. We hope everyone had a successful day and look forward to welcoming you on the 1st April which is our next affiliated British Dressage competition.

Overall Winners of the Classes:

Elementary 40

Rob Waine and Sannsouci 70.80%

Elementary 59

Rob Waine and Sannsouci 67.65 %

Advanced Medium 85

Darren Hicks and W Get Smart 65.58%

Advanced Medium 96

Rob Waine and DHI Lightning 69.47%

Inter 1

Rob Waine and BamBam 67.23%

Rob and BamBam

Rob and BamBam

Rob and Sanssouci

Rob and Sanssouci